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28 DAY online fitness reboot

15 apr -  12 may 2024

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Welcome to the Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp!

 Introducing our live 28-day workout challenge
starting monday, 15 april 2024
Bust the rut & get in the groove
join us for a fitness challenge 
transforms your body
boosts your energy

empowers you to conquer life head-on!

how it works

28 days
6 Videos per week
new videos released daily
Transform your body, your Health & your Energy in just 20 minutes a day

 This bootcamp is designed for people on the move who want to Kickstart their fitness
Versatile & Challenging
a variety of workout types each week:

HIIT For Fat Burning And Increased Metabolism.

Pilates For Core Strength And Flexibility.
Strength Training To Tone And Sculpt

Low Impact workouts For Some gentle movement.

Stretch & Release Sessions To relax Your Muscles.
Interactive Class-Format videos
No More Guessing. Watch, Learn, And Execute With Precision. 

Our Class-Format Videos Guide You Through Every Step, Ensuring You Get The Maximum Benefits From Each Workout.
📱 Stay Motivated With A Vibrant Community & Dedicated Coach
Never Feel Lost Or Alone In Your Fitness Journey
Get Personalised Support From Your Coach. Got Questions Or Need Modifications? We're Here To Help!

Exclusive Access To Our WhatsApp Group. Engage With A Community Of Like-Minded Fitness Enthusiasts. 
Share Your Milestones, Seek Advice, And Keep The Motivation Flowing.

What's Inside the Program

Get Ready For 6 challenging Workouts Each Week
our bootcamp features a complete Collection of classes to kickstart or jumpstart your fitness
Functional Strength
Stretch & Release
Functional Strength
Experience our twice-weekly, 20-30 minute sessions designed to empower your daily life.

From lifting groceries & furniture to playful moments with your kids, our functional Strength Workouts prep you to take it all on. 

Strengthen every inch with the aid of light weights and a theraband. Unleash the everyday superhero in you!
Optimise heart health & torch calories with 2 x HIIT workouts each week

Dive into dynamic sessions like core-focused cardio and full-body intensity. With short, explosive bursts followed by brief recovery, our HIIT classes get the blood pumping!

Expect moves like jacks, squats, walkouts, and sprints for a transformative workout!
Elevate Your Core Game!
Dive into core-focused sessions with our Pilates mat work. 

amplify strength, boost flexibility, and heighten body awareness - All you need is a mat and a passion for enriching movement. 

Sometimes, we'll enhance the challenge with light weights. 
of course, We Can't forget about Recovery
Our Stretch & Release Classes will Treat your muscles to a rejuvenating session.

Using a theraband & body Movements, we'll melt away tightness to enhance your movement, mobility and relaxation. 

It's like a spa day for your muscles!
the Equipment you'll need is:
we recommend 2 sets of Weights - 1 light and 1 heavier set.
1 set is still Suitable

Theraband or resistance band

exercise Mat

🔥 Join Us And Kickstart Your Transformation Today!

Monday, 15 april 2024
Our bootcamp is More Than Just workouts

It's about commitment To our health & Empowerment
A Stronger, More Confident, And Rejuvenated You is just 28 days away

Commit Today & Witness The Magic Of Consistent, Guided, And Community-Driven Fitness!

Let Us Be Your Partner In This Journey. 

we look forward to welcoming you. Here’s To A Healthier, Happier You!

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what sets our bootcamp apart?

We Understand The Challenges Of A Busy Life. 
That's Why We've Fine-Tuned Our Program To Be Both Time-Efficient And Effective. 

Our bootcamp isn't just about getting fit; it's about reclaiming a slice of time for yourself, fostering positivity, and rekindling the spirit of community.

Whether you're a busy mom, a relentless professional, or anyone in between, our program offers that perfect blend of flexibility and structure. And while we've designed this primarily with women in mind, men too can experience the transformative power of this bootcamp. 

In these 28 days, you won’t just be working on your body; you'll be reshaping your mindset, boosting your confidence, and joining a network of like-minded individuals on the same journey.

we look Forward To welcoming you. 

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join us for only

R 350