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Anytime, Anywhere Fitness.
For Those Who Want The Gym, Without The Gym.
get fit & toned From the comfort of your home
Premium collection of Workouts designed to:
transform your body
boost your energy

empower you to conquer life head-on
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120+ Premium Workouts Just A Click Away!
Dive Into An Extensive Library And Choose From our extensive collection of Highly Effective Workous: 

Functional Strength, 
HIIT Cardio
Stretch & Release.
Interactive Class-Format Videos
No More Guessing. Watch, Learn, And Execute With confidence.

Get the in-studio feeling Without the studio with Our Follow-Along Workouts.. 

Our Class-Format Videos Guide You Through Every Step, Ensuring You Get The Maximum Benefits From Each Workout.

Every Workout Is Guided With Postural Cues And Words Of Encouragement – Making It Feel As If Your Very Own Instructor Is Right Beside You!
exclusive access to fitness bootcamps
join our 28 live Fitness Bootcamps for a fun Challenge. 

We Regularly run an online bootcamp which lasts 28 days. There are 6 workout videos Per week & New videos Are posted every day. 

Stay Encouraged on the Bodydivine whatsapp group. These are a favourite Amongst our members.
designed for a diverse Life
our extensive collection uses a variety of Different Equipment and many require none at all! 

What's more, you can even filter videos in our workout Library by workout type, Equipment needed, Workout Length and intensity levels to give you the power of choice.

Workouts Inside the member's area

Our Workout Library Features A Comprehensive Collection Of Classes To Help You Get Fitter & Move Better
Functional Strength
Stretch & Release
Functional Strength
The are Usually 20-30 minute sessions designed to empower your daily life.

From lifting groceries & furniture to playful moments with your kids, our functional Strength Workouts prep you to take it all on. 

the workouts focus on controlled, balanced movement to Strengthen every muscle

light weights and a theraband.  the everyday superhero in you!
Optimise heart health & torch calories with our selection of HIIT workouts

Dive into dynamic sessions like core-focused cardio and full-body intensity. With short, explosive bursts followed by brief recovery, our HIIT classes get the blood pumping!

Expect moves like jacks, squats, walkouts, and sprints for an Intense, powerful workout!
Elevate Your Core Game!
Dive into core-focused sessions with our Pilates mat work. 

amplify strength, boost flexibility, and heighten body awareness - All you need is a mat and a passion for enriching movement. 

some videos will enhance the challenge with light weights. 
of course, We Can't forget about Recovery
Our Stretch & Release Classes will Treat your muscles to a rejuvenating session.

Using a theraband & body Movements, we'll melt away tightness to enhance your movement, mobility and relaxation. 

It's like a spa day for your muscles!
the Equipment we recommend is:
set of Weights: 
we recommend 2 sets of Weights - 1 light and 1 heavier set.
1 set is still Suitable

Theraband or resistance band

exercise Mat

we offer a wide Selection of equipment-free Workouts but we recommend the equipment above to maximise the benefits from our workouts

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