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Join us at our Blairgowrie studio

23 mackay avenue, blairgowrie

Group Classes

group classes are small, intimate and hands on 
max 8 to 10 persons per class 
group classes are held in a very intimate setting

professional instructors Guide & correct you step by step. 

we encourage a Relaxed and fun environment

Come join our awesome community!

Live Studio Classes | 1 Per Week

R700.00 / month

Live Studio Classes | 2 Per Week

R1,290.00 / month

Live Studio Classes | 3 Per Week

R1,820.00 / month

Private Sessions

we offer 1-on-1 and duet sessions

beginner workouts

I will assist you in building strength and Fitness at your personal level of intensity, explain correct posture, and help you perfect every move to safely improve and get fitter and stronger.

Injury rehab

I Will Assist In Rehabilitation, With Safe Exercises To Strengthen The Supporting Muscle Groups And Help You Recover From Injury.

Post-Partum Strengthening

I Can Help With Specific Post Baby Workouts.

Full Term Pregnancy Regimen

I Can Safely Take You Through 9 Months Of Training (Both Certified In Pregnancy Pilates And Have Had 2 Babies)

Muscle Toning & Weight Loss

I Can Adjust Your Workouts To Fat Burning Muscle Building, Maximizing Your Workout Time As Well As Point You In The Right Direction With Nutrition.

Build Muscle & Improve Strength

I Can Help You Progressively Overload And Build A Programme For You.

Private Session - Once Off


Private Session - Duet


Private Sessions - Monthly Subscription

From: R2,150.00 / month